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ARMASKIN will provide the blister prevention you need for your long journeys such as Camino pilgrimages, OxFam Trailwalker and Pacific Crest Trail through hikes.

As a general rule plan to use 1 pair of ArmaSkin for every 4-500km.


M fits EU 37-42
L fits EU 43-46

Blister preventing liner socks for hikers, runners and adventure sports:

  • The inner surface of the sock has a silicone (Si) polymer coating which gently holds to the skin and PREVENTS any FRICTION that would occur naturally between socks and skin.
  • Any movement generated in the boot/shoe is deflected by the smooth outer surface.
  • The polymer coating is macro porous and hydrophobic (water hating) therefore SHIFTS MOISTURE away from the skin keeping it drier.
  • Right foot and Left foot profiles combine with flexible material to provide a snug fit free of folds.
  • In addition the Silicon fusion polymer is bacteria static so the socks can be worn for prolonged periods of time.
How to use ArmaSkin

ArmaSkin Anti-Blister socks were specially designed to work with Military, Hiking and Work Boots of all styles but have since been found to be successful with all sorts of endurance sports.

How to Use

Step 1: Note that ArmaSkin socks comprise a left sock and a right sock. The sock is worn so that the seams are on the outside. The mildly sticky Si Fusion coating is against the skin with the smooth fabric of the sock facing out.

Step 2: With the ArmaSkin turned almost inside out, roll ArmaSkin onto feet. The sock should stretch evenly over the foot and ankle. Smooth out any excessive wrinkles. The heel seams should be sitting neatly around the heel.

Step 3: As Armaskin are liner socks, fit your normal socks over the top of ArmaSkin.

Step 4: Fit boots normally.

NOTE: Due to the friction dissipating effect of ArmaSkin, ill-fitting boots may feel more loose in the boot than normal. If this occurs adjust your boot lacings for comfort but do not over tighten.


Si Fusion Technology and Using ArmaSkin Products for Best Effect

ArmaSkin's blister prevention breakthrough is the Si Fusion fabric. This fabric was designed and created by Vlad Libeson of ArmaSkin after years of research and testing. The base material has a silicone coating on one side, the side against the skin.

The resulting material has a coefficient of friction differential between the outside and inside of the material. ArmaSkin’s Anti-Blister socks. (University of Central Lancashire 2017) exhibit a ratio of the Coefficient Of Friction between the internal and external surfaces 3 times greater than conventional socks.

In addition the Silicone fusion polymer is bacteria static so the socks can be worn for prolonged periods of time.